Our product range extends from hygiene protective products, eye drapes to disposable drapes and customized gowns for different surgeries. Our products are designed by expert medical gown designers. Greenby care offers a range of cost-effective solutions that offer protection to those on the front lines of healthcare, without compromising the high level protection comfort and breathability they expect.



Our gowns offer high-level protection without compromising on quality & comfort. We offer a range of products for the surgical gown using SMS, spun melt composites such as BVB (Breathable Viral Barrier) and other film-based composites. They are easy to wear for prolonged surgeries and meet all demands of surgical use. The soft knit cuffs are not only comfortable but their lengths facilitate closed gloving. They are a compatible with ethylene oxide, steam and gas plasma sterilization.


Delivers high performance & provides high fluid and particulate barrier and is also soft, strong and low in lint. It is made of SMS fabric and is also available with antistatic & alcohol-repellant finish. This product we are the best surgical gowns manufacturers in India and top surgical gowns manufacturers in India.


Reinforced impervious zones on the arm & chest offer superior strength and protection against strike-through and also provides the extra level of comfort needed for extended surgical procedures.


It contains a monolithic breathable film that provides total barrier to viral, fluid and particulate matter. The fabric is comfortable and easily drapeable. It is strong with good softness, high breathability, and provides excellent barrier properties against real world viruses causing infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, SARS, Avian Influenza and COVID-19.1t is used for Surgeries that demand AAMI PB 70 Level 4 and EN 13795 High Performance.